Yoga in the Dog Puke

Since I’ve been staying with my friend Katie (first time we have lived together since college in 2002-2003), we’ve gotten into a really good routine of self-care and being productive.  One thing we schedule into every day is exercise which is often yoga since we both love it.

Unfortunately, Katie’s adorable dogs decided to throw up all over the carpet in the room where we do yoga.


What do you do in this situation?  You’ve created a space for self-care and relaxation and someone went and puked all of it.  What a fabulous metaphor for life!  You can spend the rest of your life planning on how you will take the best care of yourself or making plans and inevitably someone will come along and vomit all over your plans.

So what do you do?

You do what Katie and I did.  You clean and sanitize then roll out your yoga mat and get your zen on.

Don’t get distracted by the puke coming your way, clean it up, and get on with the business of caring for yourself and being your best self.  Namaste.




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