Life is heavy, y’all.  Sometimes this means that we eat the stresses around us and the boredom and the insecurities.  As a result, we are now weighing ourselves down with all of these burdens that don’t even necessarily belong to us.

I’ve been overweight more than half of my life.  I was a fairly healthy kid, but around the time I was 15 I started just eating and eating and eating and I never stopped.  Here’s a picture of what I looked like when I was 17 when genetics and metabolism are most on your side:


I don’t know how much I weighed at this time because I couldn’t force myself to step on a scale and embrace the reality of what I had become, but I’d guess I was well over 200 pounds which is a lot for my 5’4″ stature.  This was the biggest I have ever been.

A few months after this photo was taken, I started college and experienced the opposite of the Freshman 15.  While I didn’t drop all of the weight, I was probably down about 15 pounds because I was spending most of my days in classes.  When I was in high school, I would come from school, turn on General Hospital to see what Lucky and Liz were up to, and set myself up with a buffet of snacks that could sometimes last me through until dinner.

In college I got a bit better, but I will admit that I would take a Nalgene bottle to the school cafeteria and fill it up with Dr. Pepper from the soda machine.  Just so we are clear on this, that means that MORE THAN ONCE A DAY I was consuming 400 calories and 120 grams of sugar from a beverage.

I would try to lose weight or exercise, but a lack of motivation, confidence, feeling of self-worth, and knowledge prohibited me.  I felt like I was constantly on a diet but never losing weight.

My weight stayed the same until I was about 25.  During this time I started eating a vegetarian diet and also contracted a case of mono.  I dropped 35 pounds in about three weeks.  This was the thinnest I have been since I was 15 and (once I had recovered from the mono) I looked and felt pretty good.  Those size 8 jeans were feeling great!

Unfortunately, in the years since, it all slowly crept back about 5 pounds a year until I’m right back to wear I was pre-mono.  I tried going vegetarian, vegan, eating whole30, and even hired a personal trainer and was working out 5 days a week.  I’d have little bursts of success, but never achieving my weight loss goals or making permanent changes.

So, why is this the case?  Sometimes I ate because I was bored.  Sometimes I ate because I was stressed.  Sometimes I ate because I was sad.  Sometimes I ate because I was happy.  Sometimes I ate because I was lonely.  Sometimes I ate because I was surrounded by other people who were eating.  Whatever I was doing it wasn’t working.

I got a big wake up call in November of 2014.  I started having terrible stomach problems.  I ended up in the ER three times and was eventually diagnosed through my gastroentrologist with lymphatic colitis.  I also have a helping of IBS, anemia, and a few other treats that make life a little more interesting.

I was so tired of looking and feeling terrible.  In October of 2016, I decided I was ready for a change.  I decided that I was ready to put my health first and start making some smart decisions.  I got started on a nutritional system that combines shakes and cleanse days to drop body fat.  The results were amazing, I dropped a couple of pant sizes and felt SO much better.  My energy levels changed so that I didn’t feel like I needed a nap at 3 in the afternoon.  My sleep improved after years of struggling with insomnia.

I wish I could say that I had this magnificent transformation, which is true as far as the way I was feeling but I didn’t have the weight loss I was aiming for because I let myself get side tracked when my life went crazy with job and life stuff.  I wasn’t binge eating, but I wasn’t making the best choices and indulging way too often.

Recently, I was looking at the calendar and realizing that my 35th birthday is only about six weeks away.  An idea sparked in my mind.  What if I could lose 35 pounds by my 35th birthday?  Now, I don’t want to get too attached to numbers especially since weight might stay the same while fat is traded out for muscle.  Yet, something about the idea of 35 by 35 really stuck out in my mind.  The numbers might be a bit arbitrary, but I’m running with them keeping in mind that I will be the healthiest I’ve ever been through my nutritional system and that if the number on the scale doesn’t say I’ve lost 35 but my pant size drops considerably then that’ll will be just fine!  I’m challenging myself now to lose #35by35.

I even made a video where I talk about it!

I also want reach out to anyone who is reading this that feels like they are stuck in a body that isn’t at its best whether that is too much weight or just a little bit extra weight or you just feel like crap.  The best decision I ever made was to put down the sugar and the salt and the soda and make myself a priority.  I’ve learned so much through this journey, both in learning how to be a self-coach but also in the coaching I have received.  I would love for you to be on this journey with me.  If you want to join my #35by35 movement and either shed some weight or achieve some health goals, please send me a message or an email (lauraarrington@100potential.com) I would love for us to be accountability partners and let me help coach you through your own transition.  Everyone reading this is such a beautiful, magnificent human that was put on this Earth for a reason and if we are hiding our shine with poor nutrition, we aren’t achieving our 100% potential that I dedicated this whole blog to.  It doesn’t matter how you know me, if you know me, if you want to talk about your health goals and get on this path to transformation with me, take the step and reach out.  I want to hear from you.

To sum up, here we are today.  It is July 20, 2017.  I look like this:


The next six weeks are going to be a period of magnificent transformation.  I’m going to document the whole journey so please watch, enjoy, laugh, smile, and hold me accountable.  Also, if you want to have a transformation too, you are welcome to join me because I’m going to be creating a support group for this.

Are you ready?

Neither am I.  Let’s start anyway.

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