Phone a Friend

I’ve written previously about how tough this past year was for me.  Part of that was releasing old relationships that weren’t serving me anymore.  Sometimes I think we are fearful of this because it is a change and it is sad to no longer be so closely connected to someone that once meant so much to us.  It can also look like being ok when someone wants to release you.  I think the right relationships (familial, romantic, friendships) are in our lives for finite amounts of time and when they no longer add value to your life, it is completely ok to let them go.  The amounts of time may vary…one month…one year…ten years…twenty.  Each relationship is so unique and different and only the two individuals involved can judge when it is no longer adding value to their lives.  Sometimes one person might be ready to walk away when the other isn’t.  This can be extremely painful, but trust your gut because the short term pain is often contributing to some long joy for you.

However, along with releasing the old relationships is the beauty of new ones!  I’ve met some amazing new people this year.  In addition, I’ve been surprised by how many old friends have walked back into my life after many, many years without communication.  My dear friend Katie was one of those.  We were roommates our junior year of college and then completely lost touch for thirteen years.  This past year, she was such a support system to me and I got to be a part of her labor and delivery story with her daughter!  Such a special time!  Now we talk or text daily!

Last night, I reconnected with Kearston.  She was a good friend of mine in college as well.  We bonded in the theater department when we first met eighteen years ago!  My memories of Kearston back then were many laughs.  She was such a class clown!  It was amazing after losing touch for so many years to catch up on life events (having children, career changes, moves) and feel like you were picking up right where you left off.

I write this now as encouragement.  If there is someone you are hesitating to reach out to because you feel like it has been too long, what’s stopping you?  Pick up the phone!

Also, if you are an old friend of mine, I’d love to hear from you!  You never know who is going to walk back into your life and add value.  Keep your heart open and see who circles back around.

I’ll see you tomorrow!

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