How to Be Happy: Part 1


This morning I work up with a message on my heart that I wanted to share.  First things first, are you happy?  Not content, not fine, not ok.  Are you HAPPY?  Do you wake up in the morning with a smile on your face?  Is it still there when you go to sleep at night?  I’m not talking about naively ignoring the tough challenges we as individuals and we as a community face.  I’m talking about doing the best you can to feel as comfortable and happy with your situation as you have it right now.  If you don’t have that right now, it is totally possible.  I’m going to write a series with concrete steps that can help you level up your happiness.

The first step, you have to BE YOURSELF.

It sounds so simple, right?  Just be yourself!  How many times have we heard this in our lives?  As if we just have a switch on our backs that we can flip and turn our real selves on.  It isn’t that simple.

However, you can do action steps every day to get you closer and closer to discovering yourself.  The challenge comes from the fact that we have let the outside world, the voices of parents, teachers, friends, co-workers, social media, TV, movies, magazines, influence our thought patterns and the way we make decisions and live our lives.  So, you’ll need to sell all your belongings and go live in a cave by yourself for six months.  You’ll emerge completely in touch with your truest self!

I’m kidding (although you could try that if you want to aim high!). I don’t think I would be interested in being myself if it meant I couldn’t share and interact with the world.  There’s also nothing wrong with letting those outside influencers in, but they have to be positive influencers!  And you have to be able to discern the difference!

We all have that voice deep inside of us that knows who we are and who we are supposed to be.  However, right now, it might not have a loud voice.  Let’s give it a megaphone.

Here’s the first action step.  For the next few days, whenever you are about to make a decision NO MATTER HOW SMALL, ask yourself, am I making this decision out of fear or out of love?  If you are making the decision out of fear, that is most likely not your truest self.  If you are making it out of love, it probably is.

Try this with everything from big decisions about relationships and family to deciding what to eat or what to wear.  Are you choosing your food out of fear (which can also masquerade as boredom, loneliness, anger, sadness) or out of love (wanting to provide your body with nutrition to strengthen and energize it)?

Try this for a few days.  If you want to send me a message and tell me any reflections on this exercise, I would love to hear about it!

Check back next week for the next action steps.

Thank you for reading!

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