London Calling

I recently got to go to London for a business trip, but managed a little site seeing as well.  I traveled with my co-worker Kaydee, who is also a good friend.  We left Houston at 4pm on Wednesday.



We arrived in London at 7 am (their time) so we were sleep deprived, jet-lagged, and exhausted.  Yet, we couldn’t get into our hotel room until After noon, so we wandered around London in a daze and enjoyed a traditional English breakfast, saw the London Eye, visited Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace, and then fell asleep in the hotel lobby (Kaydee was literally in the middle of a game of Candy Crush).


It was chilly in London, but the sun was shining until our last day.  We were busy with work most of the rest of the trip, but I did get to visit the Natural History Museum.  We also go to visit the Bond in Motion exhibit where I saw various props and cars from James Bond movies.


It was also really cool later when we went out and happened upon the theater where Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was being performed.  Wish I could have seen it, but just the view of the theater was spectacular!


Saturday was our last full day and we were busy with work the whole time.  Our fair was held at the QEII Conference Center which is right across from Westminster Abbey.  It was raining and cold by the time we left that day and we were completely exhausted.


For our last night in London, you think we would have wanted a special dinner, but we were so tired that all we managed was to go to the Burger King up the street from our hotel.  Burger King in England is so different from Burger King in the States.  They make mozzarella sticks that ACTUALLY TASTE LIKE MOZZARELLA!  It actually hit the spot for these two weary travelers and we decided, if given the opportunity, we’d make it a tradition to always eat Burger King after the fair.

IMG_0802It was a short trip, but a good one!  I’m happy to be home though and settling back into my routine.  Hope to see you again next year, London!

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